Cyber Resilience 2024: Navigating New Frontiers in Government Security
Case Studies
Case Studies

Event overview

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, Australia faces an unprecedented surge in both domestic and global cyber threats. The recent escalation of cybercrime incidents and data breaches highlights the crucial need to strengthen our cyber readiness capabilities. 

To effectively confront these pressing challenges, the Cyber Security for Government Summit stands out as a pivotal platform for navigating Australia’s dynamic cyber security environment. With a focus on securing critical infrastructures, leveraging advanced technologies, and ensuring resilient data security, this summit serves as the premier forum for participants to acquire invaluable insights and strategic guidance. 

Led by industry experts, attendees will actively engage, deliberate, and collaborate on cyber security best practices, empowering them to address key challenges and secure Australia’s digital future. 

Attend the Summit
and learn how to:


Critical infrastructures against evolving cyber threats


Innovative Technologies and Automation for Robust Cyber Defense


Regulatory Landscapes for Enhanced Cyber Security and Compliance 


Organisational Resilience to Mitigate Risks and Respond to Cyber Incidents 

Strengthen Data

Security to Foster Citizen Trust and Ensure Secure Information Sharing 

2024 Speakers

Hamish Hansford
Deputy Secretary Cyber and Infrastructure Security
Department of Home Affairs
Scott Lee APM
Assistant Commissioner Counter Terrorism and Special Investigations
Australian Federal Police
Brendan Dowling
Australia's Ambassador for Cyber Affairs and Critical Technology
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Nathan Watson
Deputy Chief Information Security Officer and Director ITSA
Department of Finance
Dimitar Dimitrovski
Chief Information Officer
Fairwork Ombudsman
Sarah Luscombe
Head of Cyber Security (CISO)
University of Canberra
Yaso Arumugam
Assistant Director-General Data and Digital, CIO, CISO
National Archives of Australia
Jeff Campbell
Chief Information Security Officer and Senior Manager Technology Shared Services
Horizon Power

Event features

The event program outlines the schedule and flow of activities. It includes details such as keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, networking sessions, entertainment, and any other planned elements. The program should be designed to engage and captivate the attendees.



Customise your learning journey with 3 inclusive streams encompassing all aspects of the industry, you can design a personalised schedule that maximises your time and experience.



Learn from expert panellists who will share their perspectives on emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities from the communications industry.



Hear diverse perspectives in an intimate setting with roundtable discussions and engage in thought-provoking conversations that inspire fresh insights.

Case studies

Cas studies

Gain valuable insights from industry experts through engaging case study sessions, designed to present solutions and learnings to key challenges in the industry.



Deep dive into an interactive and intimate classroom style workshops with like-minded individuals and discuss key topics



Showcase your brand to senior comms and social media professionals from the public and private sector by exhibiting at our event.



Elevate your brands visibility and choose from a wide range of sponsorship packages to expose your organisation to a diverse audience.



Connect with other industry experts, thought leaders, and fellow senior attendees as you contribute to a shared learning experience.

Share a stage with 40+ industry Experts

We invite you to join us and share your expertise or suggest a presenter. please get in touch with us for more information on the event and how to participate. We look forward to hearing from you!

Who should attend

Job Titles:
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Federal Government
Local Government
State Government
Government Agencies

What our Clients say

Senior Communications Officer

"These conferences are important to remind us of the shared challenges (and successes) faced across the data field. Coming together and sharing ideas is paramount to improving the trade as a whole.."

Federal Circuit & Family Court of Australia
Director Media & Public Affairs

"The summit provided an opportunity to learn from the experience of gevernment agencies balanced with an understanding of suppliers who provide directly relevant tolls and technologies."

Manager, Strategic Communications

"Overall, an immersive experience and great opportunity to network with like minded people. Not a single minute was wasted and well organised."

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